Yuki is an experimental OLED lamp with a rotary copper frame. OLED is the latest applied lighting technology which is more eco-friendly and durable than normal LED. The sculptural copper frame is simplified from the traditional lamp shade and it can be rotated to add or reduce light. It is fun and functional!

Year 2018   
Junior Studio Project at RIT
Professor Gary Molinari


Inspired by the fluidity of perception in Umberto Boccioni sculpture, the spatial construction and the trajectory in chronophotography. Explored the continuity of form and visual trajectory of moving objects. The goal of the design is to convey visual movement into a functional product.


Model making / Production / Sale

Exploded view



Rotate the frame to add or reduce the light. Enjoy the marvellous effect!
Copper frame

Cut staight metal piece by shearing and bend it to a twisted frame.
Maple base

The relation to the ground of the maple base creates floating effect.

Laser cut case for OLED panel and inlaid logo.

In use

Yuki OLED lamp can be put in different environments. The soft and warm color of maple and copper produce comfortable feeling.