The Future of Coral is a series sculptures made of recycled single-use plastics (EPE fruit net foam) from local asian markets and local plastic recycling centers. Inspired by the beautiful provocation and relational aesthetics in contemporary art, The Future of Coral aims to facilitate the sensibility that the plastic pollution has caused the death of large numbers of coral reefs in the ocean. It is our responsibility to live eco-friendly by taking small steps, from recycling plastic to reusing them.

Recycled EPE fruit net foam
Size varies

100cm x 100cm x 120cm
33cm x 33cm x 87cm

47cm x 47cm x 71cm

35cm x 35cm x 62cm

60cm x 45cm x 25cm

30cm x 30cm x 40cm

54cm x 47cm x 23cm

37cm x 29cm x 18cm

Black background

Absent Traces, London Craft Week, 2022