Plastic tracing is a concept based on “beautiful provocation”, using recycled single-use plastic as trace of expression to raise awareness of the damages caused by single-use plastic.

Year 2021 at RCA

Plastic pollution

Our dependence on single-use plastics has now become unmanageable and unstoppable, and plastic pollution is everywhere: from our body through the food chain to the more remote ocean side. The damages of single-use plastic into five main directions, soil, air, body, ocean and society. And they are affected mutually.


I collected single-use plastics in everyday life and sorted the plastics by colours using the colour wheel. 

Then, I divided the colour palette into four groups, soil, body, ocean and air, corresponding to the four main damages cased by single-use plastics.


Got inspiration from recycled plastic in interior design and abstract expressionism. 

Texture on single-use plastics

Natural dye


Single-use plastics mark making using remained natural dye liquid

Single-use plastics mark making using natural pigments