Make and play is a set of painting tools made of recycled single-used EPE fruit net foam. The project focuses on the interaction between users, products, and environment. The recycled single-use plastics can be used as tools to leave marks and to build relationships between customers and designs. They also represent the physical effects of pollution and aim to raise awareness of the damage caused by plastics.

Year 2021 at RCA

Relational aesthetics

“Relational aesthetics” refers to installations and interactive events designed to facilitate community among participants (both artists and viewers). Rather than producing objects for individual aesthetic contemplation, Relational artists attempt to produce new human relationships through collective experiences. And I’d love to explore interaction between users, material and environment in my practice. To build closer relationship and playful experience between human and material.

Rirkrit Tiravanija,Pad Thai, 1990                       
Lee Mingwei and His Relations: The Legacy and Deviation of Relational Aesthetics in the East
Roman Ondák, Measuring the Universe, 2007


The material I focus on is EPE (expanded polyethylene). I collected many recycled EPE fruit net foam in different colours. It’s a good material for protective packaging. It’s light, flexible, waterproof, brightly coloured and fully recyclable.

Make and play

Pattern exploration

Activity (2022 RCA WIP show)

Workshop development

The practice can be transformed into an educational and creative workshop, mainly for early childhood.

The aim of the workshop is...

Workshop magazine