The Liveness in the fog is a colour based project aimed to emphasise the relationship between the environment and liveness during foggy days.
Year 2020
Unit 1 at RCA

Chong Qing, China

My hometown, Chong Qing, China, is known as “Fog city”. The fog is very natural weather caused by geographical location and highly humid climate. There are over 100 days of fog per year. 

Colour walk

Focused on the colours during foggy days. It was very interesting to find the bright colours in the heavily foggy weather from a distance, which indicate the human activities and liveness in the environment.

Colour study

Abstracted the images I took using simple colour palette and used the bright colour to indicated the River Cableway, the blue boat, the flower and the moving taxi in the environment. Tried to blur the edges of background to represent the fog better.

The city is shrouded in the fog, the trace of liveness is still vivid 



Colour change

The colour of fog will be changed depending on different seasons, light and time. It might be red, yellow, green and blue some time.

The relationship between air and human activities

Did research on the nitrogen dioxide emissions in 2020 during Covid-19. The side by side comparisons show the significant reduction of Nitrogen dioxide around the world in 2020 compare to 2019, especially in big cities. The main reason is the reduction of human activities, reduction in traffic, factories, electricity generation and commercial air travel.

Right now the lockdowns are almost lifted and human activities are increasing again. This research suggests that we should pay close attention to the dynamic relation between air and human activities, and we should get awareness of how greatly human activities cause air pollution.